Did you know that an instance of child abuse is reported every ten seconds?  This is more than a tragedy for the children involved. Child abuse takes its toll on communities everywhere, as well. Of the inmates in our prisons, 84% were abused as children. And all told, the cost to our nation of dealing with the consequences of abuse and neglect was estimated at $104 billion in 2007. 

Relief Nurseries are a public-private partnership. We are supported by our local communities, more than doubling the legislature’s contribution to Relief Nurseries in the 2009-2011 biennium. We have found a nearly 4:1 return on investment for Relief Nurseries. For each tax dollar spent, nearly $4 is avoided in costs associated with child abuse, unemployment, criminal behavior and other social issues.

With your help, we can help prevent the unconscionable act of child abuse, and change the startling facts that go with it. 

Together, let’s help give a voice, and a chance, to abused children everywhere.   



You can become part of preventing child abuse and neglect. Your gift, large or small, makes a real difference.


Or mail a check to:

Family Nurturing Center
212 N. Oakdale Avenue
Medford, OR 97501

Donate Needed Items for Families

Diapers, good condition children’s clothing, vouchers for groceries or bus passes, and household items are just some of the things families may need. Call us for information on current needs.