Help us transform our community, one child and one family at a time.
Your donations help us prevent child abuse and neglect by providing a safe, nurturing environment for children and parents to heal, learn and grow.
Every gift, large or small makes a real difference.

Ways to Give

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Join the Daffodil Society

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Leave a Legacy
– Gifts by Will or Living trust
– Gift of Life Insurance
– Gift of Retirement Plan
– Personal Property
– Real Estate

“All good men and women must take responsibility to create legacies that will take the next generation to a level we could only imagine.”

–Jim Rohn

Family Nurturing Center is a 501(c)(3)
non-profit organization.

Please fill out the donation form below.

Or call us at (541) 779-5242
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Family Nurturing Center
825 E Main Street, Suite A,
Medford, OR 97504

Thank you!

Become a Sustainer

Maximize your gift and spread the love throughout the year

The beauty of becoming a sustainer with an ongoing monthly gift is that it’s very affordable… it breaks down your annual donations into smaller, easy monthly amounts. Just as you set aside money each month for other things you care about and enjoy… your sustaining membership allows you to do your part for children and families on your terms. Your $10 or $15 a month may seem small, but it makes a big difference. Your sustaining gift combined with those of your fellow members all adds up to a BIG impact over time. And that impact turns into Hope Help and Healing. Help FNC thrive today with your ongoing monthly gift. Sustain the future of our community’s most vulnerable children!

It’s so simple, and such an easy way to make a big difference
– Monthly gifts can be made through your bank account or credit or debit card
– No payments to remember
– Sustainer membership automatically renews each year

Join THE DAFFODIL SOCIETY with a gift of $83/month or $1,000 a year

Just as the Annual Fund is critical to the success of the Family Nurturing Center, its most loyal donors are the key to a healthy and robust Annual Fund. The Daffodil Society was designed to honor the many devoted donors who support the agency each year in and year out. These gifts provide flexible resources to support the immediate needs of the agency, both in the classroom and across all programs. Membership in the Daffodil Society is renewable annually and is based on unrestricted gifts made or facilitated by an individual and his/her spouse. Corporate matching gifts count toward membership if, received or verified within the fiscal year.

– Recognition on the Donor Wall and at the Annual Spring Event
– Special monthly updates
– Quarterly social events to share “How your investment is making an impact”
– Tickets to annual Daffodil event and other events/gatherings

To make your donation: simply complete the form above
If it’s easier, please call us: 541-779-5242
or send us an email:

Become a Business Partner

With annual sponsorship we can stretch our tight program budget dollars so that your generous annual contribution and those of others in the community go to our most critical needs.

Sponsors get valuable exposure and benefits through both media placement and access to community leaders. These events consistently attract audiences composed of corporate executives, philanthropists, volunteers, community leaders and partners, families and participants.

We organize many annual events and public presentations that are available for sponsorship opportunities throughout Jackson and Josephine counties. Sponsors are recognized at every special event, all community presentations, monthly open houses, family event.


– Children’s Champion = $25,000 Guest Speaker at annual event
– Advocate = $10,000
– Partner = $5,000
– Supporter = $2,500
– Friend = $500

*Sponsors of $10k+ will be added to life cycle mural at our Family Campus – details to follow!

To become a sponsor give us a call: 541-779-5242
or send us an email to:

Leave a Legacy

By creating a legacy, you are making a significant contribution to the future sustainability of the work that is most meaningful to you. A legacy gift can also be a very practical addition to your financial or estate plan–in most cases, the tax burden left to relatives is lifted significantly. Your professional advisor can show you how giving may actually benefit your family after you are gone.

Legacy giving is not just for the wealthy. Gifts both large and small are important. Whatever your situation may be, we can help you find a legacy giving option that suits your circumstances.

– Bequests (gifts by will or living trust)
– Gift of Life Insurance or Retirement Plan
– Personal Property or Real Estate

Call us, and we’ll create a legacy together: (541) 779-5242
or send an email to:

Please let us know if you’ve included us in your planning, so that we can both thank and recognize your philanthropic expression of lasting love!

Stock Donations

Corporate stock donations have significant tax benefits to a donor. A donor may deduct the market value of the charitable donation from his taxes, and the donor need not pay any capital gains taxes on any appreciation of such donated corporate stock. You save yourself from paying capital gains tax and you get a tax deduction for the fair market value of the donation.

For IRS information on determining Fair Market Value, click here.

To make arrangements for stocks donations, please call: 541-779-5242
or send an email to:

Gifts and Services

We gladly accept in-kind goods such as children’s books, diapers, gently used children’s clothing up through age 8, vouchers for groceries or bus passes.

To see what items are needed most, take a look at our WISHLIST.