Every baby needs a grandma!
Every family needs a coach!

Help for Parents

You’re Not Alone

No job is more important than being a parent. Yet, you may not have the support you need or any idea how to do the job well. Babies do not come with an instruction manual—parenting is a huge and sometimes overwhelming task that can involve:

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Breastfeeding concerns
  • Caesarian birth
  • Preemies or multiples
  • Attachment problems
  • Postpartum blues
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Lack of confidence
  • Insecurity in parenting skills

Our Programs

In-Home Coaching

If you are a new parent, we provide you with support from a trusted family coach when you need it most. Our services are tailored to meet your changing needs:

  • We share newborn tips and model positive parenting skills.
  • We are compassionate listeners who understand your challenges and needs.
  • We are flexible, providing help where it’s needed most: doing chores, running errands with you, helping with appointments or just giving you a chance to rest.
  • We teach relaxation techniques.
  • We provide non-medical, physical, emotional, and informational/resource support.
  • We help at-risk families break the cycles of abuse, neglect, violence, addiction, poverty and hopelessness you may be stuck in.
  • We are here to support you in your role in raising the next generation of successful and well-adjusted children.


Delicious and nutritious…Grandmas2Go knows how important a well-planned meal is especially for families who are struggling to ‘do it all’! One of the things we hear often is ‘there just isn’t enough time to prepare a ‘fancy’ meal…usually we can barely find the time to pick up fast food’. Well, Grandmas to the rescue, at least one night a week!

Grandmas2Go’s program, Dinner2Doorstep, was designed to help overwhelmed families who don’t have the time, or often, the resources, to prepare a healthy, nutritious meal. And the Grandma2Go will deliver it right to the doorstep – recipe included!

The concept came about during COVID 19 when it wasn’t possible to have in-home visits with our families. We wanted to support our families and stay in touch with them – from a distance! So, we started delivering a prepared meal once a week and leaving it on the doorstep. No hugs from the toddlers, or chats with the mamas, but a social distanced wave, a ‘love you, see you next week’ and Dinner2Doorstep was born!

Orchid Babies Bonding Program

A tragic consequence of the national opioid epidemic is the high number of infants born ‘drug affected.’ Research shows that treating these infants as ‘high needs’ babies has the best outcome. Infants and mothers stay bonded; mothers learn to care for their babies while in treatment; and the use of morphine for infant pain is dramatically reduced.

At the request of local residential treatment programs, Grandmas2Go developed the ‘Orchid Babies Bonding Program’ for high needs infants. An orchid plant is high maintenance, but with the right care and support, blossoms with a beautiful flower! We support parents with ‘high needs’ infants – due to prematurity, medical concerns, or drug exposure. Compassionate care from a loving senior helps families to thrive and children to blossom!

Services are free

As a non-profit, we believe that our community must support all our families and all our children. We are grateful to our benefactors and community members who help us to help families. We also partner with local agencies to provide comprehensive care for ALL new parents and families in our community. Mentors bring skills, experience, wisdom and patience, while supporting your family in a non-judgmental way.

Our trained and trusted volunteers undergo thorough reference and background checks.