Through regular visits in the home, FNC staff help families deal with crises and emergencies by working with the parents to locate resources and solve problems.

Home-Based Services (Home Visitation)

The Home Visiting Program focuses on meeting families where they’re at and supporting families in their homes. Each month our Care Coordinators focus on:

  • Fostering healthy attachment and bonding
  • Supporting healthy parenting skills
  • Monitoring the child’s development and well-being
  • Enhancing protective factors

This year the Home Visiting team deepened their work by shifting the program focus from baseline assessment and crisis support to the provision of high quality in-depth family support for critical areas of attachment, parenting skills, and child safety. Through shared activities, modeling, supportive problem solving, and developmental guidance during home visits, families learn that they can build warm, nurturing relationships with their children, while simultaneously providing healthy boundaries that support their child’s safety and healthy development.

ISRS Services (In-Home Safety and Reunification Services)

In-Home Safety and Reunification Services is a DHS assigned service provided by the Family Nurturing Center to address both safety and change.  The following is provided through ISRS services:

  • Intensive in-home case management
  • Building on parents current strengths so they can safely parent their children
  • Assistance in strengthening the bond between parent and child
  • Connecting families with needed services
  • Stabilization of home environment to assure the child’s needs for stability and safety are being met