Relief Nursery Locations and Services


Family Nurturing Center’s Medford location – click to take a tour!

The Medford Family Nurturing Center is located in West Medford and first opened in 2006. With two preschool classes, two toddler classes, and big kid and baby respite four afternoons per week, the Family Nurturing Center provides therapeutic classes to over 60 children in Medford. We provide bus transportation to children who’s families would not otherwise be able to get them to school. We provided intensive home visiting to support families in the home and crisis support as needed.

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212 N. Oakdale Ave.
Medford, OR 97501
Ph (541)779-5242

The Phoenix Family Nurturing Center opened in February of 2017 to serve families in the Phoenix/Talent school district. On the north corner of the Phoenix High School campus, the Phoenix Family Nurturing Center is grateful to the high school and the city for welcoming us to their city so that we can work with their residents who are in need.

With two classrooms (one therapeutic classroom and one for Preschool Promise) we serve 34 children with classroom services and their families through home visiting, and crisis support. We provide bus transportation to children who’s families would not otherwise be able to get them to school. Our Teacher/Care Coordinators provide developmental assessments for all children under 5 years old.

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745 N. Rose St. (on the north corner of Phoenix High School campus, at the end of Cheryl Lane)
Phoenix, OR 97535
Ph (541)499-2025

Grants Pass

Family Nurturing Center’s Grants Pass location – click to take a tour!

The Grants Pass Family Nurturing Center opened it’s doors to the residents of Josephine County in 2014. With two therapeutic classrooms the Grants Pass Family Nurturing Center serves 2 classes of Preschoolers, one class of Toddlers and one class of Wobblers. We are proud to announce that we have doubled in size this fall and are offering more classes than ever! We provide bus transportation to children who’s families would not otherwise be able to get them to school.

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411 NW E Street
Grants Pass, OR 97526
Ph (541) 295-8128


Therapeutic Early Childhood Classrooms

Some children, who are facing extreme challenges in trying to grow up safe and be successful, are enrolled in the therapeutic classroom. Each class has a small group of children and an abundance of teachers who are trained in special methods. Teachers, called Care Coordinators, help children learn how to:

  • Engage in safe and cooperative play
  • Identify and communicate their feelings
  • Think, reason and solve problems
  • And build respectful and caring relationships

Therapeutic Respite Care

Our Respite program is designed to provide time for parents to meet with case workers or counselors, run errands, or to give parents a break when they are crisis. Baby Respite is for children between 6 weeks old and 2 years, and Big Respite is for children ages 2 – 5 years. This service is available to Home Based clients and Outreach clients or for people who’s children are on the waitlist for a classroom spot.

Families may reserve time in the Respite Childcare Program when they have an emergency or are going through a stressful time and need short-term childcare. Children receive special care in small groups, led by trained and experienced caregivers.

Respite is available Monday through Thursday from 1:30 to 4:30 for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. Please call (541) 779-5242 to refer yourself for this service. You will need to complete an orientation with our respite caregivers before you can begin using this service, so plan to sign up soon!