In the News: Community Builder: Healing the Children

by Family Nurturing Center

Photo Caption: Andy Atkinson / Mail Tribune. Dr. Lee Murdoch, shown inside the Southern Oregon Pediatrics Center in Medford, has spent his career improving the health of Rogue Valley children and their families.

Written by Steve Boyarsky for the Mail Tribune.

Q: If you could wave your magic wand, what would you like to see done to improve life in Southern Oregon?

Murdoch: Well, housing is, of course, a huge issue, along with the homeless folks and drugs. I worry about the kids growing up in these kinds of situations. At the Family Nurturing Center, many of the kids that we see there have parents who were at one time addicted. They are really motivated to do a good job with their kids and to stay clean. These kids are really bright. If we can focus from zero to 5, if we can help those kids all to get a good start and a good education, it will be huge for our society. If I had a magic wand, the magic wand would focus on stabilizing families and educating the kids.

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