MarilynA note from Volunteer Marilyn:

Some people talk about volunteer work. I talk about playdates.  After years in education where the kid emphasis sometimes gets blurred by paperwork and staff supervision, it’s such a highlight to walk into a room and just focus on kids.  I get to play, provide individual attention, encourage, look for all the positive ways children are learning and growing…and cheer them on.  Asking me to join an activity is the highest honor a child can bestow on me.  In return I let them know they are an appreciated and respected individual in as many ways as I can. The whole staff has such a positive welcoming attitude of caring, respect and appreciation.  It’s wonderful to feel a part of the team!


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P1060992The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.  ~Oscar Wilde

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.  ~Anne Frank

Volunteers are an essential part of the Nurturing Center program and vital to our ability to continue to offer services to families in Jackson and Josephine counties!  Volunteers can help out in a variety of ways including assisting in the classroom with group and individual-child activities, reading to children, fundraising, and community outreach projects.


Joey with MikeTherapeutic Classroom Volunteer

Our classroom volunteers offer direct support to our teachers and help our children form strong bonds of trust with their peers, their teachers, and the learning environment around them. Because many of the children in our classes have pasts of trauma, abuse, or neglect we ask that you plan to volunteer with us for no less than 6 months.

Clothing Closet Organizer

Our Clothing Closet is one of the most popular services for our clients. We receive donations throughout the year of clothing and toys and our Clothing Closet volunteers help us sort and organize our donations so that families can find the items they need when they are struggling the most.

Agency Diaper Organizer

Clients and community members are able to receive diapers once per month for every child in their family who is in diapers. Our diaper closet always needs to be restocked to keep this valued service available for families in need.

Clerical Support

As an agency we are constantly going thru assessment forms and other relief nursery documents and our files often need to be restocked. Our clerical support volunteers are the grease that keeps our staff going! They help us keep our files fully stocked and our printers warm.