For individuals in Jackson and Josephine Counties, in Southern Oregon.
We’re working with other agencies to give you the supplies and services you need.

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COVID-19 Response & Relief Support
Child & Family Resource Response


If you need diapers, food and/or hygiene products, we will work with staff, volunteers and partners to distribute these tangible items to families requesting help.

The non-profit community, in partnership with churches, foundations and community members, are working together to create a true safety net for families at risk and in need. We know parenting is hard under the best of circumstances. Now, with parents off or out of work, money, necessary supplies, support, and kids at home; stress is at an all-time high. Children and families are more vulnerable right now that ever.

Every Child – My Neighbor Initiative

Foster families can request items that they are in need of — make your request here .

Community members wanting to meet a need – can apply here.

Once a foster family need is matched with a donor, both will be contacted to coordinate delivery.

Family Nurturing Center - Covid-19 Response Report
Family Nurturing Center’s Community Response to COVID-19

FNC is coordinating with other Child Abuse Prevention providers: Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) and Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) to join forces with the established Rogue Challenge (Rogue Community Health, YMCA, Head Start, FNC and 28 other partners), using a closed loop referral system and HIE (Health Information Exchange) by Reliance, to connect families with necessary services.

As family support providers (Head Start, Healthy Families, Grandmas 2 Go & Family Nurturing Center, CASA, and CAC) contact families, they will conduct a short screening, to help direct the family toward necessary services. For those requesting tangible items, such as diapers, food and/or hygiene products, FNC will work with staff, volunteers and partners to create a distribution system to get these tangible items to families requesting help.

Due to social distancing measures, FNC will deliver items to families in Grants Pass, Rogue River, Medford, Eagle Point, White City, Central Point, Phoenix, Talent and Ashland.

Family Support providers will conduct a short screening, then use e-referral to help connect families to necessary services as well as for tangible items.

Bridge the Divide in Southern Oregon
Donate used laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
Bridge the Divide

Relief Nurseries are Oregon’s oldest child abuse prevention program. While serving more than 2,000 families remotely during this pandemic, more than 500 families are left without technology to connect with their teachers, get mental health support, and keep their children safe.

The Solution:

OARN (Oregon Association of Relief Nurseries) is able to reconnect necessary care and support by partnering with the non-profit organization Free Geek. Together, we are safely collecting, transferring and preparing donated devices for delivery to families across Oregon.

We Need Your Donations:

Visit OARN or Free Geek online to donate used laptops, tablets, and smartphones to Oregon’s most vulnerable families: