ISRS Services (In-Home Safety and Reunification Services)

In-Home Safety and Reunification Services is a DHS contracted and assigned service provided by the Family Nurturing Center to address both safety and change.  The following is provided through ISRS services:

  • Intensive in-home case management
  • Building on parents current strengths so they can safely parent their children
  • Assistance in strengthening the bond between parent and child
  • Connecting families with needed services
  • Stabilization of home environment to assure the child’s needs for stability and safety are being met

Family Nurturing Center Parent Mentor (LIFE) Program- A partnership with Portland State and Morrison Child and Family Services

With a goal of timely permanency for youth, LIFE services use a four pronged approach to support
families involved with the Department of Human Services, Child Welfare:

1) LIFE logoIntensive family finding efforts to create and strengthen relationships with immediate and extended family members;

2) Structured case planning meetings that are strengths based, trauma informed, culturally responsive, and family driven;

3) Referrals to Parent Mentors who, with their intimate knowledge of Child Welfare and related social service systems, can facilitate the family’s navigation through these services; and

4)  Collaboration of members of each family’s LIFE team, including Family Engagement Facilitators, Coordinators, Parent Mentors, and DHS Caseworkers, as well as any others who are there to aid in each family’s success.

What do the Parent Mentors do? Parent Mentors:

  • Accompany parents to court hearings, family decision meetings, and team decision meetings
  • Maintain contact with parents during treatment or incarceration
  • Introduce parents to 12-step meetings or other recovery-based meetings
  • Assist parents with access to community resources
  • Guide parents through the stress of parenting in recovery
  • Help parents learn to advocate for themselves and their children
  • Provide encouragement and support as the parent navigates the child welfare system

FNC Parent Mentor Testimonial