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Housing—Building Healthy Foundations for Young Children

Associate professor of pediatrics at the Boston University Schools of Medicine and Public Health Dr. Megan T. Sandel directs the Grow Clinic for Children where kids with “failure to thrive” (those more than an inch off the growth curve) receive care. Here, she shares her story of the impact of housing on children’s health.

Unwinding Toxic Stress

by Family Nurturing Center

Imagine you’re a teacher in an elementary school classroom. You went into teaching to help kids learn, grow, and thrive, but lately you’ve been thinking about leaving the profession because you feel frustrated and overwhelmed by the high-need students who lack focus, need constant reminding about daily activities, fidget endlessly, can’t stay in their seats,…

It’s Nature AND Nurture: Epigenetics

by Family Nurturing Center

Turns out, we’ve been asking the wrong question to find out what influences who we become. It’s not nature or nurture; it’s nature and nurture. According to Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child: During development, the DNA that makes up our genes accumulates chemical marks that determine how much or little of the genes…

Transforming Trauma – ACES

by Family Nurturing Center

Trauma is not an event, but rather the emotional stress that goes with it. Even though everyone copes with trauma differently, it’s pretty common for traumatized people to feel anxious, develop low self-esteem, and have difficulty forming healthy relationships. In the mid-1990s, a huge study showed that childhood trauma has long-term health effects decades after…