Our Team Leaders and Board Members.

Hank O’Dougherty

Board Member


Hank O’Dougherty joined the Family Nurturing Center Board in 2020.

Hank moved to Southern Oregon in 1989 and worked with Naumes, Inc. until 1998. He then joined Darex, LLC in Ashland as CEO until 2014. Since 2016 he has worked with Work Sharp (Darex) in the position of CFO. Hank graduated from University of the Pacific with a BS in Business Administration concentrating in accounting. He held a CPA license until 2016.

He is the father of three adult children and enjoys most outdoor activities.

Other board experience includes past President of the Mt. Ashland Association board and past President of the Siskiyou School board.

“I have always wondered how I can be happy and fully enjoy life when many in our area are struggling. From my perspective, poverty is a huge drain on our community. By breaking the cycle of poverty through helping those that want help we can improve the quality of all our lives. Every child that gets off to a good start is one more helper in the future.”