The Purpose of the Family Nurturing Center is to Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect.

  • We help parents keep their children safely within their own families.

  • We support children as they heal from difficult life experiences.

  • We wrap an array of services around families in crisis helping them rebuild their lives and raise healthy and thriving children.

Changed Lives, Changed Communities

The Family Nurturing Center, along with 13 other Relief Nurseries in Oregon, is improving lives in multiple ways. Although Relief Nurseries serve the highest-risk families with children ages birth to six, their programs show amazing results.

  • 98.6 % of children avoid foster care.
  • Children who are removed spend fewer days in foster care.
  • Victimization rates for enrolled children decrease.
  • Fewer welfare reports are made.
  • Parents increase their employment by 32%.

These state-wide outcomes reflect many personal stories of changed lives.

In 2012, there were 845 victims of child abuse and neglect in Jackson County

The Family Nurturing Center, one of 23 Relief Nurseries in Oregon, is an innovative and positive response to this crisis. By wrapping an array of services around high-risk families with children birth to five years, the Family Nurturing Center is keeping children safe and families together. Relief Nursery families are succeeding.

Documented outcomes show:

  • A reduction in risk factor
  • A reduction in days in foster care
  • An increase in positive parent-child interaction
  • An increase in participants’ employment rate
  • And most significantly — 99 percent of families have no further involvement in child welfare